TipDish and Startup Weekend Houston

I joked at the opening speech for Houston- “What would be really cool is if someone said came in with a niche need that their company would buy a web application for.”

Stag's Head

I never thought it would actually happen. Laura walked in the door late, thinking the event was a happy hour. Invited by the always amazing Gwen Bell, (who has a great post about the weekend) and joined by Erica O’Grady, this weekend had the most involvement by women than any other weekend, which was a very welcome surprise. I think the weekend is a very easy way to test out entrepreneurship, and I wish more girls gave it a shot. Right now registration is over 80% male. It was also the first weekend of the five Startup Weekends to choose Ruby on Rails and to create Enterprise Software.

TipDish was created with a tagline ‘communicate w/influence.’ I will put a blog badge on my site that says ‘Pitching something? Contact me through TipDish.’ I see a very bright future for the company.

I am very happy, but absolutely exhausted after attending 3 straight Startup Weekends.

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I will enjoy my time off in Boulder, and then bring it on for the rest of the ‘fall season.’

If you want in on the Startup Weekend Swag, you can buy a shirt! $20 includes shipping, and helps me fly in people to the weekends, like Gwen. Buy a Medium, X-Large or XX-Large by clicking on their names.






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  1. Kurt Stoll Avatar

    Hey Andrew!

    Finally got your video interview from StartupWeekend Houston posted on our StartupHouston.com blog. Thanks again for bringing this great event to Houston!


    Kurt Stoll
    Chief Technology Evangelist

  2. Matthew Alberty Avatar

    I miss the old group! Marco and I are sitting here late on a Friday night coding away to make this company a success.

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