Tonchidot (Sekai) TC50

TC50 Sekai (Tonchidot) just presented, one of the best presentations I have ever seen.

I don’t think I understood a word he said.

VentureBeat has a great post on what actually happened. Here is my take.

  • Takahito Iguchi is my hero. He delivered a pitch in a 2nd language with more energy than I have ever seen on a stage.
  • Answering a tough question with “it is patented” is always a good laugh
  • Answering a question about being acquired by Google with “NEVER!!!!” like a samurai is always a good laugh
  • Saying investors ‘just need to imagine’ to an investor is hilarious
  • Jumping up and down on a stage with excitement about your own demo that rocked the audience never gets old

I gave him a standing ovation.

Going to Smack My Pitch Up tonight.  I plan to meow an entire pitch.






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