Travel Plans for All You Can Jet

I’ve got the JetBlue All You Can Jet pass, so this month I’m traveling around the states and Caribbean. Would love to meet up if I’m going to be near you! September 6th: Boulder
September 8th: NYC
September 9th: New Haven, CT (Visiting my sister)
September 10-13: Burlington, VT
September 13-14: Seattle (Ignite Seattle)
September 15-19: Oregon (Family)
September 19-21: Las Vegas
September 21-24: San Francisco
September 24-27: Austin
September 27-30 : New York (Ignite NYC)
September 30- October 5: Costa Rica
October 5: Orlando
October 6: Bogota, Columbia If you want to meet up, send me an email! [email protected]






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    what happened to PWM? 😉

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