Where we eating tonight? VoSnap it with VoSnap.com.

Startup Weekend is rockin. Last night we had 68 people in the room, somehow all seamlessly working together.

Somehow. This is just awesome.

When I wanted this to happen, I pictured 20 people, some good conversations and a small little company. Now we have something that I think will take off.

And the scary part? I am having more fun than I have had in quite some time… finding out this is what I love to do.

PS. Boulder Tech scene is amazing.



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3 responses to “VoSnap”

  1. Tomas Kaplan Avatar

    Check out our open discussion for more on VoSnap!


  2. Stan James Avatar

    I have a feeling someday I’ll be telling stories about how I was at the restaurant that night with Alex and Danny when the idea was hatched. 🙂

    But you’re the guy who went and fucking *executed* the idea. Rock on, Mr Hyde!

  3. Andrew Avatar

    @Stan James That is right, it was that night where we first said ‘barcamp with an exit’

    Awesome, let’s get you here

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