War on Work

First, one of the best TED talks I have seen:

via Grant Blakeman

2nd: after two weeks of being on the road, I’m backed up on email so much that I just don’t want to see what is new.  I feel bad, can’t quite keep up.  With that has gone my writing.  And my workouts (although I have been keeping it pretty consistent in the NYC marathon training).  And so have the little things in life, like laundry, cooking, and calling family.  This makes me feel like shit.

Tomorrow, I will get on it.   Get that zest back.

Also, congrats to Gary Vaynerchuk, who is on the front page of the NYTimes. Someday I’ll get my quote someday 🙂

Gary V

To end a completely random blog post, I was talking to David Cohen tonight about RSS and information consumption.  The basic conclusion was that an RSS reader was just a catch all that you might have missed in the real time social space (twitter, facebook, etc).  The important stories will be talked about enough that you will see them.

Right as I was going to bed I had a great idea for a post on this topic.  When this happens I think “if it is important enough to think about once, it will come up again.”  It generally does, but often does not.  I lose great ideas because I don’t write them down.  I also don’t read great ideas because I don’t have a feed reader.

I’m in Boston for the week, back in Boulder for enough time to pack for this Saturday’s Imogene run to Telluride (18m over an epic pass).   New shoes to break in this week too, a great treat.

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