What does you Email signature mean?

I have been getting a lot of emails lately from all walks of life, and I put together some generalizations on what they mean.

“Sent from my BlackBerry”
I didn’t really read the email I just replied to.

“Sent from my iPhone”
I will be too busy trendspotting to answer your next email.

“To maximize efficiency I only check my email at x and x hours.”
I am trying this fad out, if it doesn’t work, Amway!

“This e-mail is intended for the addressee shown. It contains information that is confidential and protected from disclosure.”
My boss is reading this or it is a victory every time I find the ‘on’ button on this thing.

“Digg my article at:”
My anonymous internet behavior should not reflect my faming as a human.

“Connect with me on LinkedIn”
My career is careerhopping.

“Tweet me at @twittername”
Work with me or for me.

“Sent from my CrackBerry”
I know how to hack shit and I know this thing is a problem.

“PS. I really…”
To save you from 3 emails that is my usual norm…

Help me.

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