What I Learned From OSCON

  1. I will never be a developer.
  2. The people that attended OSCON are brilliant, scary brilliant.  Bend spoons with their mind brilliant. Have a keyboard with only a 0, 1 and enter key brilliant.
  3. There is a giant need for designers to step up and start contributing to the great open source projects being built by the folks that can bend spoons mentioned above.OSCON
  4. I can give a presentation that lasts 3 hours, and hold the attention of the man that fathered Web 2.0 (he was at the presentation sitting in back, and I didn’t realize it until after it was over, which made me more nervous after the presentation that I was before it).
  5. A lot of these developers are really excited to be learning about startups, but have very little experience on how to find cofounders or how to focus their idea.
  6. The folks at O’Reilly know how to plan a conference.
  7. Gavin Doughty is awesome.
  8. When you are on the MAX to the airport, and you get an email from someone you really want to meet, if the stars align there is a way for you to get back to the convention center, meet, get back on the MAX in time to run down some strollers and TSA bag checkers to get to your flight right as they are giving your seat away.

Pictures below the fold.

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