What is Next for TechnoSailor?

Up late streaming video

TechnoSailor, ie Aaron Brazell (the one in the picture that is 4-8x the size of the others), a friend to many, is now a free agent in the corporate world.  Here are my 10 guesses on his next move.

10. Professional conference attender

9. Hair stylist

8. Kick ass consultant

7. Start the ‘drunken UStreamer’ channel (as @micah‘s ball cupper?)  note, you have to watch his show to appreciate how ridiculous this is.

6. Door to door knife salesman

5. Start TechnoAnchor

4. Lead the “Jesus is a Blogger” revolution

3. Professional pitch taker for VC firms

2. Reality TV show with QueenOfSpain

1.  One word: MommyBlogger






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