Where The Fun’s At 2

Jeremy and I just published “Where the Fun’s At” #2.  Denny’s, GoDaddy, Web Directions North and a few more topics.  Enjoy.  And heckle.

Aspect ratio is off, will fix when I get back to the office.






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  1. firewallender Avatar

    Fun show, good topics, clear audio, and love the cabin background!

    My only suggestion is to have a list of links after your embedded video to the things you've mentioned… not because we can't Google, but because it makes it easy on the watchers and people are laaaazy… and if you make sure they open up in a new window people can click about while watching.

  2. Mark Colman Avatar

    Good meeting you @beerandblog Andrew.

    Denny's- ick!
    Bacon- ick!
    Boulder- yum!

  3. Griffin Avatar

    i would like to send in a bag of money to sponsor your video with my daily video.

    Great job guys! 🙂 //g

  4. Danny Avatar

    Cabin backdrop is awesome, audio sounds great and light looks nice and soft.

    I think more sound FX from Jeremy would be a bonus. +1 @firewallender on show notes.

    Keep it up!

  5. Justin Thiele Avatar

    I always get excited when I hear about free food at restaurants, but every time I've gone the lines (or “queues” *nod*) are always out of control and I've never stopped. This has been the case at Chipotle, Ben & Jerry's, and now Denny's. I wonder how they deal with the massive influx of homeless people.

  6. ClizBiz Avatar

    Love it! I want more! There's the love, now here's some feedback:

    The woodsy background is awesome though I can't help but feel like the axe behind Andrew might come into play someday …

    I totally agree with Firewallender – please post links! I want to know more about that Bill & Ted conference you mentioned in the beginning but Google has failed me.

    My pervy side loves the idea of Jeremy broadcasting in no pants. Please do all you can to support this fantasy, thanksverymuch.

    Less thrilled about the imagery of sitting in poop though fully support the idea of going off-script where such accidents happen.

    Looking forward to more!

  7. kohlmannj Avatar

    I second the idea about putting the links inline in the video.

    Excellent audio, BTW. Much, much improved. Sounds great.

    Keep up the good work fellas. I look forward to seeing more in the future!

  8. paulmerrill Avatar

    re denny's – we actually had a good experience. if you take the massive effort to click on my link, you can see my post.

    and denny's SPECIALIZES in bacon.

  9. Tom Chikoore Avatar

    JT, have you tried bacon on your cupcake from Tee & Cakes? 🙂

  10. andrewhyde Avatar

    Oh, yeah, will do that!

    Thanks for the feedback.

  11. andrewhyde Avatar

    Hey, great meeting you too. Boulder is rockin these days.

  12. andrewhyde Avatar

    Cool, thanks!

  13. andrewhyde Avatar

    That would be funny to do 🙂

  14. andrewhyde Avatar

    I was able to get through the Ben & Jerry's madness this year, wasn't too bad.

  15. Ef Rodriguez Avatar

    There should be a Boulder Bacon Meetup.

    I know Jeremy would be down – anyone else?

  16. Gerhard Rivera Avatar

    Two words: theme music.

  17. Gerhard Rivera Avatar

    Two words: theme music.

  18. Gerhard Rivera Avatar

    Two words: theme music.

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