That seems to be the only word I can muster up when it comes to describing the last 6 months.

What a different place I was in just a short time ago. What a ride it has been so far. A huge thank you goes out to all the folks I have met this year.

I will say just a bit on the ‘civil war‘ with the fair use issue. I would like to comment on what I can add value in. There is no way the laws will change overnight (perhaps how people use it will), but we can all change our actions now. Think of our actions, do they promote creativity, or do they stifle it? Writing a negative review of a company does what? Get you a couple uniques and perhaps a followup ‘I told you so’ post that will boost your ego. Writing a photographer or a person to thank them for what they are doing should be a focus of your efforts. I need to do this more often, let people know what they are doing is really great, and that, most importantly, I appreciate it.






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