Delurking Day

Today is Delurking Day, which, somehow is a global movement of bloggers asking those of you that read this humble blog to actually stop lurking and leave a comment.  I remember this popping up in 05/06 with Veerle.  Pretty fun and interesting, it even has a logo:


Hat tip to Greeblemonkey who I will now delurk and comment on…

As a side note, I love comments.  At times, that is my enjoyment of blogging.  Thanks to all of you that are active commenters.

  • migdesigner

    c'mon people; lurk-no-more…

  • jakesutton

    OK fine. This is me delurking. Just a bit…

  • ousooner44

    Heya. Delurking to say Hi.

  • andrewhyde

    Thanks for the delurk!

  • andrewhyde


  • ok, ok, you caught me…sheeeesh…

    wait, that wasn't so bad…I kind of feel better after commenting…hmmm….

  • Delurking! Started following your tweets after I spent some time in Boulder and fell in love with it. Coming at you from DC.

  • Hi Andrew!!! I read way more often than I comment. Hoping to get to Nederland, CO the weekend of March 5-7th for the Frozen Dead Guy Days. Ever heard if the event?

  • andrewhyde

    Yeah! That is a super fun event!

  • andrewhyde

    Very cool! My sister lives in DC, and I'm overdue for a visit.

  • andrewhyde


  • andrewhyde


  • jaycrain


    Been following you since Ignite 7.

    Rock on.

  • Delurking.

    I've been reading consistently since around 3 weeks before startup weekend Boston, and have been following you since that post on eating for almost no money.

  • Brilliant idea! I'll have to spread this around. 🙂 Been lurking since Ben forwarded me here a few months ago. Hooray RSS feeds–making stalking easy since 2005*.

    * wikipedia to the rescue for that one…

  • charlieok

    Had not heard of delurking day before. Good idea, great logo. See you around Andrew!

  • Oh! Hi there!

  • Delurked.

  • hubs


  • greeblemonkey

    Hello, Fake Husband.

  • But I LIKE lurking on your blog!

  • You should come out! It's gotten pretty cool in the past few years.

  • I don't know if I'm a lurker, per se, but I have been stalking your blog since Ignite Boulder 7. I just moved here (like, five days ago) from Minneapolis, and can not WAIT for Ignite 8. 🙂

  • Dude, you gave me one of my real “ah-ha” moments in 2009. You turned a light on in my head creatively, professionally and personally. It was a blessing to interview you, thank you for your generosity of spirit. I found you through Ignite, another moment of vision for me in 2009. You are the real deal brother, it is a joy to watch you do your thing.

  • brianoberkirch

    I heart this blog. It's great stuff, & I always get a lift from your enthusiasm for things. So, thanks for that.

  • Faren Fleming

    Andrew, your site is amazing!!! I wish you all the best with it and look forward to receiving your newsletters.


  • Faren Fleming

    Andrew, your site is amazing!!! I wish you all the best with it and look forward to receiving your newsletters.


  • Ha ha – nice concept ; interesting the date for delurking day is a month before Valentine's day. Came here via Jake Sutton's blog post about the same.

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