Interview With Johnny Biscuit about Ignite

I have been taking more random meetings lately.

The first couple were 100% burns.

But the last few, oh they were just magic.

First I was the guest in the first Renegade Kitchen. Site just launched and is just a bit rough, but this will be an amazing place for those of us with food allergies.

Another random meeting I had was with Johnny Biscuit.  He is a comedian taking off this rough economic year to travel in a camper, meet interesting folks and talk about making beauty (art, performance, etc).  Great blog, check it out.

So he started doing videos, and sat me down for a stiff drink and a look right into the sun for a 6 minute video.  I loved the way he edited it (wish I was able to do that).

Was I off or on about anything?

  • heyrich

    I thought he did a really great job on the editing, too. Lots of layering the video and audio portions to speed up the story. I'd be interested to know what sorts of questions he asked to get you to respond with such good stuff. (Or did he just give you a general question and have you riff on it?)

    What I find really interesting is that he describes himself as a comedian. I'm sure he's funny, but what I got from this edit is that he could just as easily bill himself as a great storyteller and interviewer.

    What he's doing seems really cool and I want to make sure the video gets seen by @bracken and @amycarolyn – two great friends who have terrific design and writing under their belts who are taking off for a year of adventure and traveling to climbing spots.

  • soatney

    Andrew, I love it when people nearly half my age (well any age for that matter) inspire me. YOU inspire me. This video made me want to upgrade my camera and get shooting and posting! -SteveO

    P.S. LOVE Ignite. See u at the next 1.

  • andrewhyde


  • andrewhyde

    Thanks Rich!

  • brettpsm


    Great video! I really wanted see the comments on this one. What a bonus it is getting off the RSS feed and onto your site. I love the upcoming local iVolunteer opportunities. That's a call to action. Thanks.


  • Could be that I just had my first real meal in a week, or that I've known you for a long time and already think your great but wow! Holy AWESOME! you're most passionate and positive self came out in that interview, and it MOVES! You've stepped onto the amazing-life-ship and I can't wait to see where you're going.

    You are absolutely the most calmly passionate person I've met. THAT is powerful in a way this world seldom experiences.

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  • Kath1213

    Larkin pretty much said it all.

    Your passion and sincerity are both motivatiing and a breath of fresh air. Don't ever change.

  • Kath1213

    Larkin pretty much said it all.

    Your passion and sincerity are both motivatiing and a breath of fresh air. Don't ever change.

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