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  • Origin Protocol

    I ran into long time Boulder friend Stan James the other day. He was just hired to lead the development on Origin Protocol. They are billing it as “The sharing economy without intermediaries” which is a very big, bold, audacious goal. If you have spent time with me over the past few years I’ve always…

  • I’m In Melbourne For Three Months with LaunchVic

    Hello Australia! I’m spending the next three months in Melbourne, Australia (the region / state of Victoria). Why? Well, a few simple reasons: I really like the region. I am really impressed with the community. I’m happy here, especially in the winter months of the Northern Hemisphere where I usually am sick and depressed for…

  • 3 Beards Is Now Unicorn Hunt

    3 Beards Is Now Unicorn Hunt

    The events company 3 Beards in London just announced it is shutting down and putting their focus to Unicorn Hunt. They put up this beautiful video + post to announce it. Very few community organizations have had as much impact around the world as 3 Beards and I’m grateful for all the work that they…

  • Techstars is a B Corp


  • Too Bad Nobody Has Done Your Startup Idea