My Seven Favorite Frames From Travel

So it looks like my big trip is really coming to an end. What a trip!  I’m happy stateside (but still checking on flights for the next trip).

Here are seven select shots:

Straight of Malacca. Thailand. Sunset from a boat.

Moab. Utah. The Drive in on Highway 128.
Highway 128 on the Colorado into Moab

Cartagena. Colombia. A older bank door made to make the guest feel small.
Cartagena Colombia

Yamsi Ranch. Oregon. Fly fishing at dusk with my Dad.
My Dad fishing at dusk.  Yamsi Ranch, Oregon

Annapurna Circuit. Nepal. A Cabin in the Himalayas.
Cabin and Mountains.  Love.

Miyajima Island – Hiroshima. Japan. Deer interrogates leaders of tomorrow (for food).

San Blas Islands. Panama. One of the thousands of picturesque islands.

  • NULL

    Every single shot is amazing in its own way.  My favorite is your Dad fly fishing at dusk.  But they’re all 10’s.  Thanks for sharing, brother.

  • NULL

    Beautiful stuff. More importantly, you experienced all of these because of your willingness to give up stuff.

  • NULL

    Awesome photos 🙂

  • DeliciouslyOrganic

    Gorgeous photos!

  • Wow. My favorite is the one of your dad – because it’s one of your dad.

  • Love these

  • So so cool! I love these.

  • Vanessa

    Very nice! What did you shoot these with, Andrew?

  • NULL

    Generally a canon s95. Click through the photo to flickr and you can see for yourself!

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