2009 Goals, a Review of 2008

Last year I did this type of post.  Instead of resolutions, I set these goals:

  • Describe what I do better (I make stuff… and get people together… and drink coffee…)
  • Learn to Love Email
  • Plan a Few Parties
  • Build My Dream
  • Create a Short Film
  • Build on Weight Loss Success
  • Connect with More Great People
  • Love and Learn
  • Blog About Meaningful Topics
  • Volunteer More

I didn’t create a short film, nor do I know what I meant by ‘build my dream’ but met every other goal.

So this year I decided to do the same thing again:

  • Build Startup Weekend to have more than 50 weekends this year
  • Partner Startup Weekend with other community focused organizations, grow something bigger
  • Kick ass with TechStars (applications open up soon, are you applying?)
  • Get back into developing
  • Get outside (snowboard, backpack)
  • Train for some epic physical events (Triple bypass, Triathlon)
  • Get an audio piece published on a national radio show
  • Volunteer more
  • Launch a web app where entropy can exist
  • Travel to a few new countries
  • Experiment more with photography
  • Learn to love video
  • Hit 1,000,000 unique viewers across my projects

Have a happy new year!  Here is to aught nine!

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