2009 Goals, a Review of 2008

Last year I did this type of post.  Instead of resolutions, I set these goals:

  • Describe what I do better (I make stuff… and get people together… and drink coffee…)
  • Learn to Love Email
  • Plan a Few Parties
  • Build My Dream
  • Create a Short Film
  • Build on Weight Loss Success
  • Connect with More Great People
  • Love and Learn
  • Blog About Meaningful Topics
  • Volunteer More

I didn’t create a short film, nor do I know what I meant by ‘build my dream’ but met every other goal.

So this year I decided to do the same thing again:

  • Build Startup Weekend to have more than 50 weekends this year
  • Partner Startup Weekend with other community focused organizations, grow something bigger
  • Kick ass with TechStars (applications open up soon, are you applying?)
  • Get back into developing
  • Get outside (snowboard, backpack)
  • Train for some epic physical events (Triple bypass, Triathlon)
  • Get an audio piece published on a national radio show
  • Volunteer more
  • Launch a web app where entropy can exist
  • Travel to a few new countries
  • Experiment more with photography
  • Learn to love video
  • Hit 1,000,000 unique viewers across my projects

Have a happy new year!  Here is to aught nine!

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18 responses to “2009 Goals, a Review of 2008”

  1. Matt Matteson Avatar

    Quite a list Hyde, but I know you'll nail it!

  2. @outofshape Avatar

    Andrew you should sign up for an Ironman. It doesn't get much more epic than that.

    All the best to you in 2009. Keep up the great work.


  3. Mary Avatar

    I hope you were kidding about the triple bypass ….. 😉

  4. David Cohen Avatar

    By “learn to love email” did you mean that you would figure out a system so that you respond to all of them? maybe inbox zero? i can tell you're not quite there. 😉

  5. smazurov Avatar

    Its never too late to make a short movie! I'd gladly help

  6. Brett Borders Avatar

    I want to go “bigger” in 2009… more buzz, more popular content, more followers and RSS subscribers, more conferences and professional trips… and a couple of really nice backpack adventures. I want to get full-on into viral marketing and social media work.. and not just be stuck in my upstairs-closet-office all the time….

    I also want to fall in love and get married! Tired of doing it all on my own…

  7. Niel Robertson Avatar
    Niel Robertson

    So what's the secret to the weight plan given you are busier than the rest of us combined?

  8. andrewhyde Avatar

    The main thing is to not eat what I am allergic to. When I do this, I feel much better, which makes me want to exercise more. When I do that, I feel even better. Just pretend that if you don't get your workout in, you won't be as effective. Make it a habit. Join gyminee.com for help and tracking tips. Take walks. Have overly active friends 🙂

  9. andrewhyde Avatar

    some big goals (especially the last one!)

  10. andrewhyde Avatar

    The race, not the surgery. 🙂

  11. andrewhyde Avatar

    Here is to aught nine!

  12. NULL Avatar

    I think I am going to have to punt on this one… one day… one day…

  13. NULL Avatar

    I think I am going to have to punt on this one… one day… one day…

  14. NULL Avatar

    I’m sucking less every day. 🙂

  15. NULL Avatar

    I’m sucking less every day. 🙂

  16. NULL Avatar

    I think doing attempting an Ironman at this point will prove that I am not iron, nor man. I have an amazing amount of respect for those athletes.

  17. Custom Closets Avatar

    Happy New Year, Andrew. Hope all your dreams come true this year. Good luck.


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