Goals For Twenty Ten, Review of 2009

Two years ago I did this type of post, last year too.   Instead of resolutions, I set these goals:

2009 Goals

  • Build Startup Weekend to have more than 50 weekends this year
  • Partner Startup Weekend with other community focused organizations, grow something bigger
  • Kick ass with TechStars (applications open up soon, are you applying?)
  • Get back into developing
  • Get outside (snowboard, backpack)
  • Train for some epic physical events (Triple bypass, Triathlon)
  • Get an audio piece published on a national radio show
  • Volunteer more
  • Launch a web app where entropy can exist
  • Travel to a few new countries
  • Experiment more with photography
  • Learn to love video
  • Hit 1,000,000 unique viewers across my projects

I didn’t really do:

  • Get back into developing
  • Get an audio piece published on a national radio show

Not bad at all.

Fireworks Bonfire

In 2009 I traveled 87,358 mi to 9 countries.  I help place 22 people in jobs.  I helped build Ignite Boulder into Colorado’s largest tech event.  I did a Half Ironman.  I did the NYC marathon.  I did the Triple Bypass. I helped build TechStars up.

In Twenty Ten (2010) I will:

  • Get back into developing (looks like rails will be the language of choice)
  • Get an audio piece published on a national radio show (I will be calling in all connections on this one, perhaps detail how I listened to every single Grateful Dead live show via cassette tape).
  • Finish a Ironman
  • Travel to Hawaii
  • Explore the American Southwest, especially The Maze in the Canyonlands
  • Place 20 people into jobs
  • More of a 3 year goal: employ people
  • Be more honest about personal developments on this humble blog
  • Stop focusing on startups and actually date
  • Train with data (gps, watch, get a coach)
  • Try out CrossFit
  • Follow up with contacts
  • Develop online TechStars community
  • Drink a cup of tea a day
  • Hike a few 14,000 ft peaks
  • Perform music (vague I know, but something I am scared of)
  • Complete “Long Longs” a human powered assent of Longs Peak (14,259f ft) from Boulder in a day.

Happy new year to all!  Be safe and spend time with great people.

Longs Peak, 8/9/08

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