5 Uses For Brightkite

BrightKiteI’ve been impressed by the rock solid design of Brightkite.  If you don’t use it, try it out, it has an amazing community and feature set.

Here are 5 interesting extensions I have seen people using Brightkite for:

1) Use Brightkite to pick dinner. Check in, and see where everyone else has checked in.  I have done this in cities I have never been to and found a really great spot for dinner. Experimental road trip anyone?  I’ve found some amazing hotels this way too.

2) Meet people IRL. I know, crazy idea, but with the Brightkite iPhone app, you can safely chat with someone In Real Life.  Introduce yourself via a message.  Look at their profile. Invite them for a drink. I’ve met some people this way, creates for a very interesting meeting.  We had a BrightKite meetup at a baseball game during the 6th inning. Remember- privacy is key for Brightkite, so you are only meeting up with people that have opted into being public.

3) Find Rides. I check in when I get to the airport, and look for others that just landed and are looking to split a fee.  Look at where you commute to, anyone share the pattern with you?

4) Have Discussions.  Post a note asking a question, have all the responses in one place.  I know, groundbreaking, but makes it fun and you can discover new people.

5) Track Your Meals.  Take photos of what you eat everyday.  Studies show this leads to weight loss.

What is the most interesting extension you can think of?

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