BrightKite iPhone App

BrightKite (2007 TechStars team) just publicly demoed their iPhone app for the first time.

Here it is:

I’ve been testing it out for the past few weeks, and it has become very addictive.

With it and nearby notifications, we finally…

Four Years In Boulder

Four years ago today I moved to Boulder.


Why did I move here?  I graduated college in Rhode Island, didn’t want to move back to Oregon.  I threw a dart on the map, and it landed in Red Feather Lakes, Colorado.  I called my sister, who had been to Boulder once on a road trip, to discuss what…

Colorado Caucus

First let me say that I would be pretty happy with any politician running tonight. I would be happier with others, and that is why I went to Caucus in Colorado tonight.

I just tried to sleep, and couldn’t. What I saw tonight was too exciting. Caucus. A usually boring and technical…