So You Are Thinkin About Going to Caucus?

I have been sick with the flu for the past week, sorry for the silence.

Today is the big, big, big day for politics in America. I live in Colorado, and like many other states, our voting process is something called Caucus.

If you are reading this, and not sure you are going to go, just two words…

On Burning Out

I burned out.

That is tough to say because so many good friends questioned the pace of Startup Weekend. I basicly blew off their advise and went full steam ahead, scheduling a weekend straight for 7 straight weekends. It took me over a month to recover from going at this pace non stop for so long. A full…

Slice of Lime to Host 5th Boulder Creative Commons

One of the biggest complaints I had with Boulder when I first moved here (August of ’04) was the lack of networking events for creatives (and I don’t mean networking events with suits or fees). While talking to some fellow creatives, we decided to do something about it. Still, this is a problem (the designers…


It is so nice.

I feel like I left for a year. It feels so nice just to be here for more than two days.

Boulder: Register to Vote Now!

So I just wrote about Jared’s trip to Iraq, now time to take some action.

Let’s motivate the Boulder area tech community around Jared, in the pre-voting day event called ‘caucus.’ It is really quite simple: register to vote as a Democrat by December 5th and then attend caucus, on February 5th (a Tuesday night) for…