The Posting Economy

I’ve been batting around this idea, would love to get your thoughts.

Change is in the air.  Something is happening in the web, if we take a step back we can see something massively disruptive in scale.

We are in the Posting Economy.

We are…

Interview With Johnny Biscuit about Ignite

I have been taking more random meetings lately.

The first couple were 100% burns.

But the last few, oh they were just magic.

First I was the guest in the first Renegade Kitchen. Site just launched and is just a bit rough, but this will be an amazing place for those of us with food allergies.

Another random meeting…

Spec Work is a Ponzi Scheme

Last month in San Francisco I asked Stowe Boyd if I should keep writing about this spec work thing, and his advice was fairly candid:

“If it matters to you, it matters to you, and you can’t hide that.”

I love design.  I was a fulltime freelancer for 3 years.  I have my college degree in Computer Graphics…

My Mining Cabin

I’ve wanted a cabin for quite some time. It is my dream home. Log cabin, on a stream, with a porch, wood stove and wood pile.

Living in Boulder, that isn’t going to happen very soon (unless someone wants to gift me a cabin or paypal me six figures). I’m fine with that not happening…