Why I Won’t Be Racing Ironman Arizona

It is just over a month away from Ironman Arizona, a race I prepared over a year and a half for.

I’m not going to participate. The real reason lies somewhere in between the following:

1) The Motivation.

I talked…

Getting Lost Finding The Lost City

I’ve now been on the road for nine weeks, in Colombia for 15 days.  I’m staying at the Dreamer Hostel in Santa, Marta.  At roughly $11 a night, the air conditioned room and open air pool and bar is the steal of the trip.  There are 40 or so backpackers here spending a few more days than…

To Protect and Serve the Community

Kinda a throwaway post here, but thought I should write this one out. I saw the slogan “To Protect and Serve the Community” on something, and the community manager in me thought, ‘hey, that is an interesting way to describe what I and others do.

Serve and protect community.

The sign was on the side of a police car….