A Soho Sunset in NYC

Soho NYC Sunset

I posted a smaller version to instagram last night and it became my most liked photo on that service.

Sullivan Street.  NYC.  You can see the new tower being built bottom right is the newly constructed WTC tower.

I’m in NYC for a bit after Thanksgiving with my Sister.  Booking a RTW trip ticket right now, leaving NYC or Colorado in a few weeks.  Should rap it up in time for SXSW and then figure out what the spring will hold.







6 responses to “A Soho Sunset in NYC”

  1. Elaine Ellis Avatar

    Where will you go?!?!?! I’m so jealous you’re traveling again.

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  3. NULL Avatar

    Filling in the gaps of places I’ve wanted to go but have not been.  South Africa.  India.  Some Europe.  Who knows.  

  4. Elaine Ellis Avatar

    I think we’re going to do India next year. Really excited.

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