Adventures in Ultralight Packing

Me on the first day of the trip

Me on the first day of the trip

In November I completed a 25 day 13 flight segment, 3 country, 6 state and 36 city trip.

I did it all with one laptop bag.

I first heard you could do this from Bryce at O’Reilly AlphaTech Ventures.  He came to TechStars Investor Day last year with one bag, ready for whatever adventure presented itself.  I’ve started doing this, and I won’t go back, ultralight packing is in to stay for me.

Jeremy Tanner wrote a post this morning about Danger.  Read it.  With that in mind, what should you pack has to go down to needs instead of wants.  What do you really need?

Here is what I packed:

I wore a few more items to start the trip, a Patagonia jacket is in the picture.

That is it.  25 days in one small bag.  I never felt underprepared.

In total, my pack was 15 pounds.  I was able to run off the plane, comfortably walk around cities and catch really random experiences because I dabbled in ultralight packing.  If you need something, you can always buy it on the road.

Try it out, you will find that you like it.

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