Alright To Be Alone

This next year I’m going to be alone a lot.  This video really hit home, is beautiful and a must watch.

“but lonely is a freedom that breaths easy and weightless and lonely is healing if you make it.”






4 responses to “Alright To Be Alone”

  1. virtuallybing Avatar

    Though I haven't skied in a while, skiing solo was something that I really learned to enjoy when I lived back east. Somehow the day is different – you spend a lot of lift time in your own thoughts. I also had a chance to enjoy more of the sights and sounds than when skiing with friends. Other favorites alone experiences: backpacking, watching a movie, and lunch counters. Enjoy your alone time on the road.

  2. Jeff Slobotski Avatar

    solidly good video. thanks for sharing!

  3. initiative180 Avatar

    It's funny but I was just trying to convey (in a blog post) how I long to sustain the memories of a perfect moment because ..after that moment is gone, that's when the depressive quality of loneliness starts to settle in. I think of my body as a canvas to paint emotions, not necessarily as an emotional vehicle; and so, loneliness is but my canvas to paint all sorts of insight and ideas and emotions on. “Taking silence and respecting it”, taking loneliness and respecting it. “If your heart is bleeding, make the best of it”, that line left me breathless for a moment.

    Personification of poignant. Thank you for sharing this.

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