BarCamp Boulder 4

It is that time of year again!  BarCamp Boulder is happening.


BarCamp is one of my favorite events.  It is an unconverence, which means the attendees determine the schedule and content.  There is a ‘rule of two feet’ which states that if you are interested in the current conversation, you can get up and join another or start your own.

At the end of the day, you have participated in many passionate conversations, learned quite a bit and met some new friends.  Topics (and planning for that matter) are open to the community.  Want to present on Hacking Chocolate?  Please do!  CSS standards and why you hate .png?  Bring it on.  I have presented on ‘current trends in design’ to ‘how to plan local events.’

Sound good?  Oh yeah, it is free!

Sign up here.

Here is a picture of the first BarCamp in Boulder.  Can you spot Jeremy Tanner, Joe Pezzillo, David Cohen, Derek Scruggs and Dave Rodgers?


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