Being Open and Honest About Startup Process

I’ve been thinking about doing a startup for a while.  I have the next few months off working hard at TechStars and want to solve a problem that is near and dear to my heart.

I have a thought of doing this in a completely open and honest way.  Short updates, phone calls, strategy, team and problems would be posted for others to see, learn from and participate in.  I’ve learned a ton watching the startups grow out of TechStars, and find the project I have in mind would be both interesting to the community and would benefit from having the involvement (is the direction where we should actually go?).
Longs Peak, 8/9/08

Starting a startup can be like trying to summit a mountain covered in clouds.  You’re going up with a general idea of what to be prepared for.  You are approaching a storm, and although you think you are going to have a good time, do not know.  There is an adventure ahead, and you can prepare for what you know, accept what you don’t know and mentally prepare that whatever happens, however tough, isolating or amazing it is, will be part of the journey.

I’m feeling like taking you along for the ride.

The site name, design and iteration is nearing completion.  Our launch would be December or January right now.  This would be a three or four month project of transparency.

The question is, if this happens, would you get anything from it?  Is this a journey you want to see up close and personal?  From raising funding to the design process, it will all be open.

Long Path Home

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