Boulder Startup Week 2014 – May 12-16

Boulder Startup Week is back. This week long celebration of entrepreneurship is part conference, part meetup and part adventure. The startup community comes out in force for the event and it just makes me plain proud.

We have over 60 events in 5 days.

Here are some events that I just registered (free) to:


Free Yoga Class 1:30

Opening Party 6pm


#Failwhale: Stories from the Tech Trenches 11am

I moved to Boulder and… 2pm

Getting a Job at a Startup 3pm

Making @!#$ing Awesome Beer in Boulder, a how-to fourum 4pm

Heartbleed, DevOps & Security Forum 5pm


Open Coffee Club 8am

Jane Miller Interviewed by Brad Feld 3pm

Boulder Keynote 5pm

Artology 7pm


Walking Tour of Boulder 10am

Design For Hackers Fourum 3pm

Ignite Boulder 6pm


Entrepreneurs for Good: Social Enterprise Models

The Death of the Twinkie: What Startups can Learn from the Cream Filling 1pm

Mini Film Fest – Connecting Film makers and Tech 2pm

Full schedule available at and RSS here.

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