Brazilian Barber Shop

I’m down in Rio De Janeiro for the Startup Weekend Organizers Summit. This group is perhaps my favorite in the world. Humble and skilled, volunteer community organizers that are both well traveled and enthusiastic about change. They are badasses. It was awesome to spend the week with them.

Someone dropped out of the Global Economic Forum “Startup Brazil” keynote and it was offered to me. The one problem, I was rocking a travel / break up beard that looked like this:


It was great but had to go. My friend Seb from What Took You So Long also wanted a bit of a shave so we looked up a few options. We got to a few closed down places and finally found one that was a) open and b) looked amazing.





Then Seb.

seb gets a shave

Now walking around a very hot Rio with a much cooler face. The cabin building look will come back when I strike ground.

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