Chiang Mai

After I got my ATM card shipped to me (ya!) and departed Bangkok as soon as I could (way too busy and full of scams) up to the smaller Chiang Mai. It has been a treasure. I’ve taken a cooking class, fed a baby Tiger (yes I know they are drugged), walked in massive markets, taken night trains, bartered like a pro, taken many truckbed taxi rides, and savored the best Thai food I’ve tasted.

All in all, a great week. The difference? A great community. Tons of new friends up here, often groups of 15 departing for adventures, all on the same page, all from amazingly different walks of life.

Bells and Mountaintops

Results? A very happy Hyde.

See all the photos here.






6 responses to “Chiang Mai”

  1. Bracken Christensen Avatar

    Great stuff. I want to take that cooking class!

  2. initiative180 Avatar

    Now Andrew can cook Thai food !!!! * schemes…

    Am really glad to see how much you enjoyed Thailand. Where to next?

  3. Mdoniger Avatar

    Love the post I hear Thailand is crazy… Very peaceful as well! Glad to hear you got your ATM card back. Have a safe flight home.

  4. Cindy O'Keeffe Avatar

    Thanks for the mini-vacation with the photos. Nice to momentarily jump out of Boulder. Particularly liked the floating latterns – would it be ok if I made a couple of cards for friends out of that one?

  5. kia Avatar

    So his is hiliarity. One day I am in a coffee shop I have not been in before working with a friend (the one on Table Mesa and Broadway) and Erica O’Grady is in there a few tables down from me. She is exclaiming “Andrew is holding a tiger” and holding her laptop up for random strangers and me to see from your Facebook page I think. I got a serious case of the giggles at that moment with how your trip was being broadcast.

  6. Witold Avatar

    Tiger Kingdom! Nice. One of the coolest thing to do around CM.

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