Crunch Time TechStars Video

A little experiment here, which embed do you like the most? This is the Crunch Time video from The Founders. The teams in the series are found online at,, and

Only two more days until Boulder Demo Day! If you need a ticket to come and watch, you must get one here.







3 responses to “Crunch Time TechStars Video”

  1. John F Croston III Avatar

    I have always liked the Vimeo way of showing and hiding the video controls the best. It's simple and unobtrusive.

  2. DENsup09 Avatar

    The Vimeo presentation is much crisper and for whatever reason appears to show more detail. Definitely the best of the 3.

  3. mlgreen8753 Avatar

    I like them all, but I would have to agree with DENsup09 that #3 is the best. They should submit all of them to Adwido for more exposure.

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