Definition Needed: Bringing Malice to the Conversation

I’ve wanted a word to describe this situation:

A third party brings negativity or malice to words by another party, who means no harm by saying a statement.

or, as Stowe Boyd suggests “bringing a negative tone into a conversation inadvertently

Example: I have celiacs.  That means any form of gluten will make me really sick.  Barley (which has gluten) is in 99.9% of beers.  Someone says “I want to buy you a beer.”  To me, I can take this a few ways, but most literally, this is like saying “I would like to poison you.”  Most likely, they mean no harm by the gesture.

Perhaps a better example: A mountain is named something, in another language that is a swear word.  Now the council that named the mountain is under attack.

See where I am going? I see it happen with race, religion, gender and the Mac vs. PC debate.  Just wish there was an easy way to describe it.

Someone suggested a play on Jingoism.  Or does something exist?

</end random thought>

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