Edward Abbey Starred in a Seven Minute Film, It is Fantastic

Porter Haney of Famous Internet Skiers showed me this amazing film hosted by Edward Abbey (my favorite author, read this book if you have never heard of him) filmed three years before his death in Arches National Park.

It is amazing. Watch it.

Essay by Edward Abbey “I Loved it…I Loved it All” from Ned Judge on Vimeo.






4 responses to “Edward Abbey Starred in a Seven Minute Film, It is Fantastic”

  1. Dan Avatar

    Good find! Thanks for the video. If you are into Abbey, you might find this book interesting: http://www.amazon.com/Edward-Abbey-James-M-Cahalan/dp/0816522677
    I read it and really enjoyed the story behind his life.

  2. Ryan Stewart Avatar

    Holy crap! What a fantastic find. This makes Desert Solitare come to life. Dan, thanks for the book recommendation.

  3. Damien Braile Avatar
    Damien Braile

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  4. Greg Petrics Avatar
    Greg Petrics

    I loved it all.

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