Embargo Breaking TechCrunch

I love TechCrunch.  I really do.  Some people hate it.  Some people pretend to hate it.

I love it.

I’ve never really emailed to talked with the crew over at TC (I’ve met Jason at TechStars Investor Day and Michael at TC50 in passing), but have read the blog since the early days of MySpace reporting and have had five projects I have spearheaded featured.

They just posted a post on their plans to break embargos.  Brilliant and full of punch.

I can just imagine the emails they are getting now.  Subject lines from PR folks:

  • Embargo: The Other Smucks Are Honoring It, Hot New Startup
  • A+++++ New Embargo Writer
  • Embargo: New Embargo Breaking Startup
  • Pyramid Scheme Embargo Business Opportunity
  • Our Competition Is Hot But We Do That Thing With Our Tongue
  • About Our New Product, Embargo, Which You Say is Dead…
  • *email retraction* ACME Startup Launching December 19th
  • I’m sorry…

My pitch to the startup world?  Keep doing interesting stuff, I like reading about it (wherever the story lands).

My pitch to TC?  I’ll keep doing interesting stuff.  If you like it, keep writing about it.

Here is to the wild west of tech reporting.

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