Extensions of The Posting Economy

Obvious current popular examples of the posting economy:

  • Amazon reviews:  I read the reviews over any info provided by the company to make my decision, and won’t buy anything that isn’t 4/5 stars.
  • iPhone Apps: I’m a late buyer to the app game, so get to see tons of reviews and traction in the store.  I don’t buy unless it has 4/5 stars and over 100 reviews.
  • Restaurant Reviews / Yelp:  I’m sitting in a 4.5/5 star coffeeshop Trident (my favorite in the world).

How does this get interesting?  Speed.

That Yelp reference?Posting Economy

There are 33 reviews of Trident on Yelp.  More people are in here at this moment.  Imagine if that Yelp page was from today. Fantasy Football like stats with neighborhood restaurants.

Now imagine that all that data and reviews are not posting publicly?  As an example foursquare posts are active among my friends.  20 minutes after the checkins though, the thoughts or reviews are lost to the greater world.  “This place is rocking now” is a post in the economy that will cause short term change (more friends) but little on the long term.  The habits of the patrons will develop, but the actions from the specific post are not searchable, indexed or shared out of your network (and that is damn hard to control).

Once the habits of posting take grip with a mass amount of users, the data will be out there, it just is a matter of finding where.

Creates a Wild West feel for me.

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