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Screw Twitter, Look At What We Have

I spend a lot of time on twitter. A lot of time. I’ve also written about the Posting Economy (see my Ignite talk here).

I’ve also said that twitter has done nothing new or exceptional but have amazing communities on it.  No in line comments, no photos, no blah blah blah.  We still all use…

Extensions of The Posting Economy

Obvious current popular examples of the posting economy:

  • Amazon reviews:  I read the reviews over any info provided by the company to make my decision, and won’t buy anything that isn’t 4/5 stars.
  • iPhone Apps: I’m a late buyer to the app game, so get to see tons of reviews and traction in the store.  I don’t buy unless…

    The Black Eye of Crowdsourcing

    I’ve had some passionate conversations about crowdsourcing in the past few days. So many that my voice is horse. I’ve come to a realization:

    For Crowdsourcing to live, Spec Work must not be associated.

    Just like for Small Business to live, Pyramid Schemes must not be associated.

      The Posting Economy

      I’ve been batting around this idea, would love to get your thoughts.

      Change is in the air.  Something is happening in the web, if we take a step back we can see something massively disruptive in scale.

      We are in the Posting Economy.

      We are…