Fear, Startups and the Unknown

I wrote a post about fear and startups on the dojo4 blog.

Go and read it. Here is the direct link: http://dojo4.com/blog/the-fear-startups

I’ve been thinking about this a lot. How many founders are motivated by fear? By proving someone wrong? By the hope of a better tomorrow? By the need to build software?

Would you start a company? What is the main fear holding you back.
Would you jump out of a plane? Is it fear, preference, or goals holding you back?
Would you reach out to someone that you admire or who can help you? What is holding you back?

What is the fear holding back the next big thing?


I was driving through Colorado yesterday thinking about the fear that was the settling of The West. Imagine 300 years ago in Colorado. It is interesting to think about the fear, but also the possibility, that was available.

Perhaps we need to reframe how we fear?






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  1. Devin Reams Avatar

    Interesting. What prompted you to put it on dojo4’s blog rather than here?

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