Five Shots- San Francisco

San Francisco is my type of town. Full of great food, people and views.

I spent three days visiting with friends from various startups. As much as I’m rejecting a profession right now, connecting with people in startups is always fun. They are driven, focused and almost always interesting. When you are working all the time, especially in startups, you have a deep knowledge of random web culture. In the same way that middle school kids from all over can sing the same disney songs, startupers have random tech knowledge.

There is a crispness to the air in San Francisco that is always there. It is a gentle reminder that you will always be cold here. Always.

Jacket out.

I spent a great deal in the Mission this trip. Mission Chinese might be (is) the most creative hacking of a general menu I’ve seen. Non greasy, super fresh, super, well, weird. Fried rice with cod, hot wings with a pepper that while not hot, numbed your mouth and made it feel like pop rocks.

Ritual Roasters has the best espresso in the world. Just plain brilliant. They also have the ‘double rainbow’ roast that is seeped in pop culture.






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