Game Changing Plugin for WP 2.6- Wikify

WordPress 2.6 was released last night, impressively a month ahead of schedule.  Great job to the team!

This has not been built yet, but when someone picks it up, will be a game changer for WordPress:


One of the best enhancements of WP 2.6 is the ‘revisions’ feature, seen here:

What if there was a button next to the comment button on each blog post with a ‘wikify’ label, letting your readers suggest corrections to your posts.  When a reader ‘wikifies’ your post, they can make their changes and submit them to you, and then you can accept or reject their submission.

Uses: Fix spelling, fix facts, add missing areas to the post or add an update.

I often write posts in a hurry and have many spelling/ grammar mistakes in them, would love to have a reader that catches it be able to just fix it.   Thoughts?





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