Going Without a Laptop

I get a lot of repeat questions on my travels, and I’ve decided to blog about them when I get a bit sick of answering them (although I really do like all of them).

Todays question: Screw the travel, how are you doing sans laptop?

Answer: very well with the ipad. Thanks to a few key things.

Here is my setup:
My workstation

First off: no job or any information that just has to be dealt with right away (data that I can’t do vi iphone at least). What I do on it is a) catch up on news / friends b) blog c) download pictures from my camera and d) post the pictures to flickr and Facebook.

So for a) I use flipboard, the twitter app and safari. The blogging is done via posterous and the wordpress app when I am feeling brave (it crashes a lot). For c I use a connector sold by apple, and they download super fast. I edit through a few apps and publish them through posterous (emailing [email protected]) after copying and pasting the photos.

I’m able to use a bluetooth keyboard (as I am now) for writing longer posts. This is great, but makes me look very odd with a keyboard and iPad in my bag or not right where the screen usually is.

So what makes me hate it? Well, no multitasking. I can’t add a photo to this post without publishing first and going back into it.

The bluetooth keyboard gets turned on in the bag, so I have to take out the batteries after every use.

Google docs, checkout and other properties don’t work. You get directed to a mobile site, and you can’t do anything but view.

I got rid of my computer that it is synced to, so I can’t update it.

I’m used to creating on it, so reading books is hard (oh, I can edit more photos!).

Lack of options with apps, for instance, this isn’t a bulleted list because I can’t figure that out.

So all that said, my ‘laptop’ has a two day battery now, sometimes going a week before I need to charge it. Huge, huge, huge win. If you do the process like apple wants, it goes pretty well. It freezes up a bit and is buggy, but all of that is forgiven, for not being on a laptop exploring sounds a lot better that being on one wasting time.

Not having a laptop makes you realize just how much time you waste.

I’ll shoot a video to document my workflow. This will be funny, because to embed it, I will have to find someone with a real computer to grab the embed code, as the youtube site mobile has no way to get the code.

It is the little things that are still rough.

I’m loving it though.

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