Help Needed with the WordPress Groups Plugin

I’ve written about bottoms up leadership before, and am working on ways to make this easier.

Many times I plan an event, say Startup Weekend, and use quite a few services to do so.  I’m fine with it, but it makes the process monumental.

I would love to help build a plugin where the major common functions of planning are covered.  To me, these are:

  1. Be able to post about the event, time, details, etc (this is done by a post)
  2. Be able to collect information (RSVP) with custom fields
  3. Be able to email attendees (or tweet them) at several occasions
  4. Send out emails upon sign up
  5. Be able to publicly display the names of attendees with links to their comments on the site
  6. Have a countdown to the event
  7. Create embeddable buttons for other sites

Join the Google Group if you are interested.

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