High Fiver, Finger Pointer

I checked my stats today to see the crowdspring post has now had over 5000 views, quite a few from search.  I googled the term, I show up as #5, which makes me feel kinda weird.  Why should my opinion (finger pointing) on a matter, in this case a company hold so much weight because of pagerank?

Over at AskTheVC, Jason Mendleson tackled the question of VC’s taking additional ‘consulting fee’s’ on companies they fund.  In his words: “I’m sorry to report, but not only is this not typical, it’s unheard of in the venture world when dealing with reputable folks.” Jason has standing in the community, enough to enrage other VC’s collecting an extra buck from the practice.  My guess is that this practice, if at all accepted by a firm (look at the comments, seems to be a few cases) it is gone now.  The blogs readership is too broad, the information is now out there and a VC brining it up could lead to a very embarasing meeting or conference.

My friends often blog about companies they love, problems they want to solve (or help), and opinions from their experiences.  Which leads me to ask:

Is the sustainability of this new age of social media reliant on high fivers and finger pointers?






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