“How Long Am I In Town For” San Francisco Edition

Oh San Francisco, how I love you.  The best tacos in the world and the highest density of friends I’ve met over the years.

I’ve been asked ~60 times in the last day this exact question: “How long are you in town for?”  Not sure just how to take this (over “want to grab lunch” or “want to OD on some tacos?”) but I feel the need to organize some meetups in order to see all my friends (and more importantly, introduce a few people that don’t know each other yet).

I’m here until Sunday. That is one week.  Let’s meet up for coffee / dinner / drinks / ice cream / hikes.

I’m working on quite a few HackFwd projects during the work day, so I’m not going to be setting up meetings all over the city during the work week.

Tuesday: Breakfast at Red’s

Red’s Java House, Pier 30 in San Francisco Dec 11 from 8-9am.

Wednesday: Coffee at Sightglass.

Sightglass Coffee 10am-noon. Stop by and say hi.

Thursday: Happy Hour Drinks

Drinks somewhere.  Not sure where yet, will update this.

More stuff. Hope to say hi to everyone I can in this week that I’m here.





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  1. Hillary Hartley Avatar

    You should come to WeWork Thursday morning and branch out to coffee shops from there…til 3:30 or so. 🙂

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