Ignite Boulder 6 Thoughts

It was a really calm planning schedule for Ignite Boulder 6.  Now that I am not an idiot and actually embrace planning committees, the event is a snap to plan.

Ignite Boulder 6

So let’s talk about the good:

  • Holy all that is good in this world that was a fun night
  • Speakers were amazing
  • Venue and staff were amazing
  • More female speakers than male speakers (first in my tech conference memory)
  • Mountain Standard Time played a great set.  We had places for people to go and network
  • We listened to feedback and had more time to talk, less swearing and a better schedule
  • Brought in a short film to the mix that went over really well
  • Volunteer staff really brought it
  • Super fun, positive, diverse talks
  • Amazing community support (over 700 attended, roughly less than 1% of the city size)

Let’s talk about the bad:

  • We had a 8-10 minute line to get in
  • Speakers read a bit much for my tastes, but that is just nit picking
  • Wish we could have purchased more beers (but they are not cheap at the venue!)
  • Our ‘tickets went on sale’ party was victim of a email delay, and people didn’t receive and invite until two days after the party

I’m a little bit baffled and scared that it went so well, tough to make better!  But we are listening and trying to do so!  Thank you for coming!

Over at Use Real Butter the FANTASTIC Jen Yu has her presentation already online (fancy).

Next one soon!  Perhaps early December?


Update: other great posts by Downtown Boulder, Ryan Wanger, Heather Clizby, and the Colorado Daily (front page article!).

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