John Francis walks the Earth

I’m working hard on TEDxBoulder (August 7th, tickets $25 on sale now) with a great team. Doing this, we have to pick a few TED talks to present at the event.

John Francis Walks the Earth is one of my alltime favorites, thought I would both share and ask, what is your favorite TED talk?







5 responses to “John Francis walks the Earth”

  1. jakesutton Avatar

    Funny and yet inspiring: “Derek Sivers: How to start a movement”
    Great delivery and fun content.

    More serious: Sir Ken Robinson on education. (there are 2)

    Also, Jamie Oliver's TED Prize talk.

  2. Devin Reams Avatar

    I'm with Jake, either of Sir Ken Robinson's would be appropriate given the proximity of CU and TechStars.

  3. Mike Pascoe Avatar

    I would go with Bonnie Bassler on how bacteria “talk”.

    Such great infographics making a complicated system easy to understand.

  4. Ali Avatar

    oh, Dr. helen Fisher… Chip Conley… Stefan Sagmeister on the power of time off…. Dan Pink… Margaret Wertheim on the beautiful math of coral …. and Dave Eggers. (love Dave Eggers)

  5. Luke Kingland Avatar

    So many to choose from! Hans Rosling's talks are probably my favorite because they incite me to action. Coupled with the talk from Tim Berners-Lee, it is more then inspiring. Rosling: Make your data open and we can change the world!, and Berners-Lee: RAW DATA NOW.

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