Kindle 2 Review and Unboxing

So I won a Kindle 2 the other day from Yonkly (check them out, I owe them a big one).

I’ve used it for two weeks now, and I am just blown away by it.

First off, a good old fashion unboxing:

Alright, now the good.

  • Wisperlight network gives your internet access anywhere.
  • You can email .pdf’s to a special email and it will appear on your kindle
  • It can play music (great for reading)
  • The screen is awesome
  • Fun to read / can read at a good pace
  • Battery life is fantastic (first charge lasted 9 days of reading)
  • Screen saver is really quite cool
  • Amazing selection of books you can wirelessly buy

The bad:

  • Wisperlight charges for the .pdf conversion (not much, but it isn’t clear that it is going to charge you)
  • I don’t get charging for the blogs
  • The browser is a hybrid mobile / real and is something I can’t use very often
  • The keyboard isn’t for me, hard to type, not that you need to a lot

Amazon just dropped the price to $299, pick one up, I love mine!

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