Kindle Sales Vanish When Users Know About Their Fees to Authors

A few things happend after my post about Amazon’s 127,000% markup. Well, there were 40k visits to this blog in 24 hours (which at one point actually brought the site down) thanks to Hacker News, Radar, Reddit, The Domino Project, The Next Web and a few smaller blogs. I met a ton of great authors, vendors and readers and talked about books from all angles.  There was this thing that happened, people started buying the book.

So, when presented with Amazon making authors pay for delivery fees, buyers abandoned Amazon (and authors like me wised up to selling direct, which it turns out, is super easy).

Direct sales soar when users know about kindle

I fixed my big file problem on amazon, reducing my mobi file size to 2MB. If you buy my book on Amazon I get $6.42, just below the Nook. Still, with this optimization Amazon wants a 36% cut of a digital good? Call you greedy, you didn’t add near that in value. They were THE BEST though, right? The conversation on the rights of content creators, as Seth Godin pointed out.

One of the things that’s happening in 2012 is that self-publishing of books is no longer a quirky outsider effort, but instead more and more often being seen as smart alternative to getting picked by the mainstream houses.

Amazon’s competition is now 0% of sales and authors are looking at this as they plan to launch their projects. The argument against that is that Amazon drives sales, which indie authors are finding out, isn’t the case. Your readers drive your future sales. The success of the book is the network that grows around it and the days of selling the wall around an author’s community are over.

If you want to say “bugger off, I support indie authors” you can buy the book from me directly here:

This Book Is About Travel .mobi (Kindle Version)This Book Is About Travel .iBooks (iBooks Version)

This Book Is About Travel .pdf

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