Know any GOOD developers we can hire?

That was the subject line of an mass email I received today. Not sure if GOOD is the same as rockstar or ninja developers, but yeah, this is the startup world.

The intention of the company hiring is (I’m guessing) great, but I just have to take a step back and sigh at how commonplace this is. Not picking on this company in particular at all, but the premise of a company expecting the workhorse of their talent pool to be unemployed, unconnected, highly talented and currently looking for a new boss is, well, comical.  Developers are very much so in the drivers seat right now and non technical founders are now having to compete and outbid not only small flailing startups (with a launch party) but bigger companies being just nimble and interesting enough to get top talent to accept their four foot wide checks.

When did giving someone a job become mockable?

As a sidenote: over the past few years I’ve helped ~95 people get jobs. Six of them wrote a thank you note. Quite a few of them said thanks in person. The majority of the placements I found out by seeing happy facebook posts or staff pages on websites.

Talent in startups, or just software, is broken. Is there a fix?

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