Layton Kor

I just read on Steph Davis’s blog that Layton, a friend, is in the need of some help:

laytonkorsignedprint_1-200jpgPeople sometimes ask me what climber inspires me, and who I look up to. When I first started climbing, I was totally inspired by the legendary climber, Layton Kor. Layton made cutting edge ascents in the Utah desert, the Diamond, Yosemite, the Black Canyon, and the Alps. He loved all the places I love, and in my opinion, stands out clearly as the most amazing, visionary, and unique climber of his generation. One of my favorite stories was about the time he decided to eat only cabbage on a climbing trip.

Please help the iconic climbing legend — Layton Kor — by purchasing a signed desert climbing print for $50 plus $5 shipping and handling. ALL proceeds go towards Layton Kor’s growing medical expenses.

Kor needs a kidney transplant, which costs over $250,000, plus the costs of all the drugs and the cost of the drugs he takes now…. dialysis three times a week, and a substantial monthly insurance deductible. His insurance and Medicaid and Medicare simply do not cover all the costs.

I just sent a check off.  A great gift for that climber in your circle of friends and supports a stand out guy.

Send an email to [email protected] if you are interested.  $50 + $5 shipping for a print.

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