Links From This Week

What I have been reading or think is interesting for this week:

How To Live Simply? | High Places

Steph Davis is one of my favorite bloggers.

Should open source boycott Cisco’s contest? | Open Source |

Interesting commentary on Cisco and OS.

44 Places to Go in ’09

Explore temples of indulgence in Bhutan, Zambia’s less-beaten jungle path and other exotic destinations. Above, Moroccan cuisine is one of the lures of Marrakesh.

amelia carolyn: a year of possibility. a year for creating abundance.

Great new years post by Amy.

Service Design Network

Service Design Network is an international network of organizations & businesses working in and developing the Service Design domain. I love the idea of Service Design, and think this would be a neat conference. | GTA | Textbook piracy thriving around city’s campuses

Canada is driving students and copy shops to contravene federal copyright law, creating a thriving underground

How we use IRC at

Web Infrastructure And a Startup Funding Manifesto

Benjamin Black’s great piece on startups.

blik surface graphics. Decals, stickers and graphics for walls, cars and surfaces of all kinds.

Work on Stuff that Matters: First Principles – O’Reilly Radar

Another fantastic post by Tim O’Reilly.

Scott Brown Leads a Guided Tour of the Most Awesome Depression Ever

Get Wired’s take on technology business news and the Silicon Valley scene including IT, media, mobility, broadband, video, design, security, software, networking and internet startups on

[gb] Studio / we build web apps. we build brands.

Grant doesn’t have an ounce of poor work in him.

Chris Hutchins

New blog from Chris Hutchins.

Tweet by Snail Mail

Update twitter by sending a letter the old fashion way.

Buckminster Fuller’s Universe

I studied Bucky in school, happy keep seeing quality pieces about him.

Happiness 101 – New York Times

Interesting piece on happiness.

COLOURlovers :: Color Trends + Palettes

A hidden love of mine. Love that site.






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  1. Grant Avatar

    Thanks for the shout. Really appreciate it.

  2. Chris Hutchins Avatar

    Thanks for the link! And good seeing you in SF!

  3. Chris Hutchins Avatar

    Thanks for the link! And good seeing you in SF!

  4. Chris Hutchins Avatar

    Thanks for the link! And good seeing you in SF!

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