Longs Peak Marathon

Long time readers of the blog know that a) I’m a category 3 idiot and b) I also have idiot friends.

Tomorrow Luke Tilsley, Joel Bush and I will be doing the ‘Longs Peak Marathon’ or a 22.4 (we will pad some ‘lost miles’ I am sure) run from the Long’s Peak Trailhead to Bear Lake and back.  Going to be super fun, super excited to be able to do this.

Here is a map if you need to send a search and rescue or a nice cocktail.  We do need a restock at Bear Lake, so if you are overly excited to see a sweaty me, let me know.

Here is the milage and elevation.

Distance and Milage of Long's Peak Marathon

*UPDATE* We finished!  Took about 6:30 to finish.  Not a whole lot of flat out there, so the uphills were hikes / very little running and the downs were a pretty slow run protecting the knees.

Just amazing country, great running partners and a perfect weather day.  We started at 6:15 and were eating lunch in town at 2.

Jeremy Tanner met up at Bear Lake Trailhead for a restock, which saved me.  Huge thank you!





4 responses to “Longs Peak Marathon”

  1. Jeremy Tanner Avatar

    Somehow, I've signed on to support this insanity.


  2. Dave Heal Avatar

    Sounds kind of awesome. If I was in better shape I would be all about this. As it is I'll sit on my couch and wait for the recap.

  3. Tekee Avatar

    Although I am in no shape to do this myself, it looks like an amazing course! What a fond farewell this will be for you, prior to departing on a much bigger journey. Enjoy every view that your eyes take in, that way you are much more likely to come back to us.

  4. Elaine Ellis Avatar

    I hear if you sign up to help you can make snacks as a prize. Related: I'm not helping.

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